Declaration of Adventure

Hello, friends and family! This is my first blog post and my first official announcement about my travels! Many of you have, by now, heard about my upcoming journey. For those of you who I will soon be visiting, I am so excited to see you and so appreciative of your hospitality. Whether I have already sat with you, tracing the lines of my route, drooling over the national parks I will visit, and speaking the names of all the friends I will be with along the way, or you have only heard whispers of a “trip”, this post is for you.

The plan: I am packing up my Honda CRV with clothes, books, and my ukelele, and leaving Easton in mid-January to drive south.  I will be WWOOFing, visiting friends and family, and getting outside.  Why? Adventure. Challenge. Pursuit of knowledge. Pursuit of Self.  I am fortunate to have travelled quite a few times in my life already, and each trip has changed me in a different way. I have several intentions for this journey.

Firstly, I wish to see more of the United States. Besides New England and a few eastern states, I have spent little time elsewhere. I love New England. I love the fleeting summers and colorful autumns, the humbling winters and promising springs. Yet, I yearn to see the vastness and variety of nature and of culture. I am travelling to witness more.

I am lucky enough to have a passion that enables me (through WWOOF and the general farming community) to travel, to learn, and to work. I have been farming for over four years now, and I find that the more I do it, the more I love it. The more I learn, the more there is to learn about. Through my stays with various farms, I intend to learn about different organic farming methods and the people that do it. More specifically, I wish to learn more about compost and soil management, crop planning, permaculture, herbal medicine, and wild plant identification. With that said, I aim to keep an open and eager mind to all that there is to learn.

One of my highest intentions for this journey is one of self-discovery and self-improvement. I will have loads of time to myself, and I plan to spend it working, reading, learning, sharing, and expressing my creativity in whichever ways feel good! From my experiences so far, travel is one of the quickest (and most intense) ways to get in touch with myself, especially if travelling solo. Though challenging, the independence and resourcefulness travelling requires helps me to stay firmly grounded in the present.  Through yoga, reading, writing, and living spontaneously, I will learn so much about myself as well as the world around me. As excited as I am to see my friends and family along the way, and as immensely grateful as I am for them, I am excited to spend time with myself and with the divine that comes from being in nature.

Through photos and writing (you can follow me on instagram, @felula, and on my blog,, I hope to share moments from my travels with you; moments of beauty and of frustration, of discovery and of triumph, of fear and of doubt, of laughter and of love.

“The wild nature has a vast integrity to it….
It means to establish territory, to find one’s pack, to be in one’s body with certainty and pride regardless of the body’s gifts and limitations, to speak and act in one’s behalf, to be aware, alert, to draw on the innate feminine powers of intuition and sensing, to come into one’s cycles, to find what one belongs to, to rise with dignity, to retain as much consciousness as possible.”

from Women Who Run with the Wolves,
Clarissa Pinkola Estés

One thought on “Declaration of Adventure

  1. So exciting Zoe! Can’t wait to be a part of this mission. There will be much yoga and good food and art when you arrive in Atlanta. Stay for as long as you need. ❤ Eve


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