Travel & Rest; Texas

I finally feel like I am back in a world that has days and nights. I have been suspended in a timeless space of sun and planes for a while. I left Huaraz at 9 am on Wednesday, catching the bus by seconds (OK, like 5 minutes but I was late and it felt like seconds). I took an 8-hour bus ride through winding mountain roads, towns, and desert coasts back to Lima where I took an uber to the airport. I waited in the crowded space there for about five hours before I could check in to my flight, after which I waited another two and a half hours before boarding the plane, and then another one before our flight finally took off at 2:15 am on Thursday. Six hours later, I land in Houston, go through customs, and grab an uber back to my cousin Bethany’s house where I left my car. I wash my face, brush my teeth, pick up some snacks and kombucha at the nearest Kroger, and then set off for an eight-and-a-half hour drive to Lockney, Texas.

Texas is a sprawling state of open fields, grazing cows and horses, and oil fields; all of which contained a beauty I never expected. The state is much greener than my New England mind would have thought. Lush green grasses and majestic acacia trees line the highways during the first half of my drive north. After that, brown expanses dotted with green brush and hundreds of oil drills preceded mountainous plateaus rising in the distance. Then, fields upon fields upon fields upon tractors upon barns upon fields and fields and fields. I saw many wind-farms; the turbines spinning powerfully and gracefully for miles were one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. As I neared Lockney the sun was setting over the fields of soil and wind-turbines, a smooth, colorful horizon. What does one do with so much space? 

As much as I would have liked to pull off and sit by the side of the road, I had a bath and a bed waiting for me. I get to my Airbnb, a rustic two-story house with old wooden floors and high-ceilings, and my host, Aimee, shows me around, gives me food, and encourages me to rest. And rest I did. I drew a hot bath with oils of lavender and jasmine and let my body decompress. 36 hours of travel practically melted away. I crawled into bed and was asleep by 9 o’clock. I awoke this morning refreshed. I did some yoga, some laundry, some coffee, and some writing. I hoped to write about Peru, but I have to hit the road again. One more eight-hour drive will bring me to Denver; I am so excited to drive through Colorado!

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