I promised a post about Peru, so here it is!  I decided to share some of the pictures that best describe the trip. This first one is a picture of Roach, Katelyn, and Jake at two o’clock am at the Lima airport. I was supposed to get there before Roach landed, but a mechanical issue delayed my flight by two hours. It all worked out, though! We got an uber to our hostel and, because it was the middle of the night, it took less than half the time it would have had there been traffic.

Kokopelli Hostel was a cool spot! This next picture is the view of Lima from the rooftop deck.

We spent two nights in Lima at Kokopelli, then travelled to Asia (Ah-see-ah) to have some beach time! There was some confusion with our Airbnb, so we had to wait on a hot desert road for a bit. But we got it all figured out once Ryan showed up.

Aaaand this next picture is our beautiful beach house. It fit all eleven of us, and was supremely beautiful. Our days there were spent lounging by the pool, going to the ocean (which was a two minute walk away), grilling food, and playing games.

Our first night there, we made grilled tacos with loads of salsa and guacamole and had a big family dinner.

After Asia, we took an overnight bus ride to Huaraz in the mountainous region of Ancash.

Had to sneak in some yoga, of course. Our second day in Huaraz, we took a bus ride at five am to Huascaran National Park for a hike. Filled with hundreds of lakes, the hike we did was to Laguna 69; a glacial lake at about 15,000 ft high. It was probably the hardest hike I have ever done due to the altitude, but the glacier-jump at the end was totally worth it. I am happy to say that I have jumped into fresh glacier water (and then immediately retreated).

Leaving Huaraz was bitter sweet. I was so happy to have spent time with my best friend, his brothers, and all the other amazing people we were with. At the same time, I was ready to get back to solitude. The bus ride back to Lima was extraordinarily beautiful, and a great time for reflection.

I took a picture of this truck because I really liked what it said on the back: “Ayer fue un sueño, hoy hecho realidad,” which roughly translates to “Yesterday was a dream, today is truth.”  I am beyond grateful to have lived so much in the present moment throughout my months of travel. Like dreams, we can learn from our yesterdays but we always move forward.

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