As I drove through the states, I talked to many people about all the places I had been and where I was going. Every person, without fail, whenever I mentioned Colorado would tell me how beautiful it is and how much I was going to love it. I always believed it but, now that I am here, […]

What’s a girl got to do to get some wine in the mountains?

I learned so much and met some truly wonderful people while I was in North Carolina. Max, Lindsay, Josh, Tamryn, the folks playing country music in that workshop… I do not think I met anybody in that state that was anything but kind. Nevertheless, I am headed west. I left on Friday, February 3rd, and […]

Don’t Touch! (Pics of Luray Caverns…)

Lindsay, Mimi, Cody, and I went to the Luray Caverns today! As tempting as it was to reach out and touch the mineral formations, my respect for the cavern made it easier to resist. I learned so much from the tour. About different mineral formations, about time, and about beauty. The stalactites grow one cubic inch […]